When hiring a photographer it’s usually for a major life event like a wedding or a once-a-year family session. Those are notable moments in life, but what about that moment you started your small business? It’s a HUGE moment in your life, and deserves photos of its own!

We all have a list of things that we think we need to do when we start a small business. Step one, decide on your product. Next, create a logo. Now, make a social media account. Blah, blah, blah! Don’t get me wrong, we need to do those things, but the one thing that gets overlooked is a branding photo session. A photo session dedicated to you and your brand to showcase who you are and what you’re about! Photos that make you look good doing the behind-the-scenes work. Most importantly, photos that show your passion for your business!

I could go on about the benefits of Small Business Branding Photography, but I’ll spare you the time and give you my top 3 reasons!

Branding Photography Puts a Face to Your Brand

As the owner of a small business, you are the face of the brand, so let’s stop hiding behind that logo! Everyone can appreciate beautiful branding, but they can connect to the girl who is on their feed. When you put your face on social media they are forming a relationship with you before you’ve ever met. You now have an emotional connection with your clients! They now want your product because they want to support you and your business.

If you want to see an example of this check out my instagram feed! When you’re on my page you’ll notice that a photo of me is my profile picture (putting my face to my own brand). Now, it’s easy for you to recognize the photos you see of my on my feed because you’ve already seen my face!

Branding Photos Tie in Your Branding Elements

If you’re anything like me, coming up with the look and feel of your brand is fun and exciting! You want it to reflect your style and convey a message about your brand as a whole. You’ve invested precious time and money in your tools to create your product. You’ve put together your brand elements and built a stunning website. Now, it’s time to tie it all together with pictures of you! These pictures will help support and elevate the work that you’ve already put in!

Now, you get to shine and live out the brand that you’ve created! Those colors you picked will guide the outfits and locations you choose for your photos. This process will help integrate your new photos into the branding you already have. I like to refer to this as the icing on the cake!

Branding Photos Make Your Brand Look Polished

Professional branding portraits give your small business a more polished look and feel. The wow factor will come in and potential clients will see your brand in a new light! These photos will help your brand stand out in the crowd of other small business owners.

Think about your own Instagram feed. Compare the small biz owner that has had professional branding photos to the one who has gone the DIY route. Now, think about your initial thoughts about the two brands and how they made you feel. Did one stand out more than the other? Did one make you feel like, “wow, they have it together”? Lastly, ask yourself where your business could be with that level of branding and photography.

To sum it up, a small business branding photography will place you as the face of your brand. It’ll tie in your branding elements to make your brand well rounded. Finally, it will give your brand that polished look that I know you’ve been dreaming of! It’s time to elevate your brand and present yourself to the world as the amazing business owner that you are! 

I’m only accepting 3 small business branding clients per month oh Oahu. If you’re ready to book your branding session contact me today!