Let's go on a journey to discover your dream brand!

Together we’ll take a deep guided journey to discovering the vibrant parts of yourself that will help you build and define your captivating brand. 

Does your brand feel lifeless?

Brand Coaching is perfect for the small business owner who’s ready to build her brand or give it a much needed makeover!

We’ll help you break through the struggles and start creating a strong brand strategy so you can serve your audience with confidence.

Do you feel like you’re spinning in circles trying to brand yourself? Have you had decision paralysis when you sat down & tried to figure it all out? Do you feel like you just can’t nail down brand consistency no matter how much you’ve tried?

As a female business owner myself, I know how challenging the branding process can be when you try to do it on your own. I get it! I’ve been there.

If you’re ready to build a brand that allows you to live through it completely authentically & showcase to the world what makes you so unique, we can do it together! We’ll even make it FUN! 

You are only a few steps away from creating a beautiful brand that you’ll be proud to show off! So let’s get to work! 

Make your business feel like you

I felt so much more focused and inspired.

Working with Vanessa is the best decision I’ve made regarding my business. I had talked with my husband and sister at exhaustion about my ideas, but they were never able to really guide me in the direction I needed. So I decided to bring in a professional. After my first session, I knew I did the right thing. I felt so much more focused and inspired. My big idea started to feel like it could actually be a business. As we continued to dig into the details, the business started to look like “me”. It was a wonderful experience! I can’t recommend her enough.

— Savannah Phillips
Makeup Artist, Esthetician, & Owner, Hawaii Makeup Artist

I hear you!

Does this sound like you?


You’ve tried EVERYTHING from Canva templates, TikTok Tips, Pinterest Boards, & even borrowing inspiration but you are still stuck. You wish you had a vision for what your brand to be. There are so many brands you admire, but you can’t figure out which aesthetic will work best for you. 

You’ve changed your website multiple times, you’ve changed your brand colors more than you can count. You’ve tried all the things, and yet you still feel like you need to change things up.


You’re tired of not feeling confident enough in what you’re doing. You get down on yourself easily because you’re not consistent. Your motivation is lost because you’re not happy with what you’re putting out. Seeing your peers with brands that feel put together and consistent make you wonder what you’re doing wrong.


You do a ton of work trying to brand yourself, but you’re simply NOT seeing the results. It still just doesn’t feel right, it’s not YOU. It’s a struggle to find your voice to stand out amongst the crowd. You feel like you’re just blending in. You sit and wish you were able to incorporate more personality into your brand, but you clam up when it’s time to put yourself out there.

You're not alone

You’re having a hard time because...

You’re coming at it from the wrong place! Too many people believe that building a brand has to do with choosing your favorite fonts, colors, & creating a business card … but there is so much more to it than that.

Brand Coaching sessions cover everything from self-discovery to action planning. In this indulgent discovery session you’ll be able to learn more about yourself and how you can bring that into your brand. There is a special focus on defining your values, strengths, deepest desires, ideal client, and then finally your goals. Then we’ll take your insights and match them with your priorities and desires, so that you can develop a captivating brand that’s true to who you are at your core. As a result you’ll be able to build the confidence to make necessary changes to your business that will help you attract your ideal clients.

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Imagine that it was possible for you to build a brand that feels so aligned to who you are deep down. Imagine what it would feel like to run your business inside of that brand. Imagine how you would feel about your self after making the decision to finally get help creating the brand you’ve only dreamed of having.

Your life BEFORE brand coaching:

Your life AFTER brand coaching:

The Services


Brand Audits

Are you feeling a little lost when it comes to your branding? Not sure if you’re ready to invest in coaching, but could really use some guidance? I get it. It’s tough to know where you should be when you’ve either just started your brand or have been doing it for a while and could really use some outside perspective.

With thee brand audit you’ll get a review of your social media accounts, website, and marketing materials. I’ll record a video going over my findings and send you a pdf with actionable steps that you can make to improve your brand.

The best part? You don’t have to schedule a call with me, I’ll email you the results within 72 hours of purchase.


One on one

brand strategy sessions

In this session you’ll get perspective on how to create your brand by getting to know yourself, who you really are and why you do what you do. It will help you ditch the overwhelm and start to find the confidence & motivation to build the brand of your dreams.

Single 1:1 Session
This session is perfect if you feel like you are on the right path but just need a little clarity on where you want to go with your brand.

- (1) 90 Minute Virtual Session
- 5 Days of Unlimited Support On A Private Slack Channel
- (1) 30 Minute Follow Up Session
Starts At $249
Three 1:1 Sessions

This session is perfect if you feel like you are ready to scale your brand by digging into your brandstrategy, understanding who you are where you're going, and what it will look like long term.

- (3) 90 Minute Virtual Sessions
- 90 Days of Unlimited Support On A Private Slack Channel
- Access to all of my online branding tools
Starts at $749


VIP Brand Makeovers

Do your brand need some extra attention!? Let’s give it a make over! As a VIP you’ll get the full hands on branding experience! I will spend the day collaborating with you to build out your dream brand. Every session will start with a strategy call prior to the collaboration so we are making sure we are implementing as much as we can within our time together. 

We’ll cover everything A-Z so you won’t have to go at it alone! This allows you to walk away at the end of the day having your brand wrapped up in a pretty bow & ready to go! 



Brand Coaching Success Stories


My branding call provided much needed clarity that I did not realize I needed! Vanessa helped me look at myself from the inside out and helped me come up with strategies that will really make my brand a personal experience for both myself and my clients!

Vanessa Slattery
Jewelry Designer & Owner
Vanessa Slattery Co.


This 1:1 with Vanessa has been such an eye opener. We’ve dove so deep into my business and I couldn’t be more grateful. Vanessa asked the hard/tough questions and gets to the core of who you are as a business woman and why you do what you do! I can honestly say that i have new found love for my journey and what’s to come.

Tinamarie Shannon
Photographer & Owner
Tinamarie Shannon Photography


My branding call provided much needed clarity that I did not realize I needed! Vanessa helped me look at myself from the inside out and helped me come up with strategies that will really make my brand a personal experience for both myself and my clients!

Courtney Sheilds
Photographer & Owner
Ally Allen Photography

This is perfect for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

booking your brand coaching session

So you’re ready to book!? Amazing! Here are the steps to get the party started!

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Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Vanessa!

I’m a branding photographer and coach based in Kapolei, Hawaii I help female small business owners & creative entrepreneurs bring their dream brand out of their head and turn it into a reality.

I love working with these women because let’s face it – many of us don’t have the confidence we’d like when it comes to running a small business. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way. Working together we can build your brand from the ground up with brand strategy coaching.  Or perhaps you need some strategic brand photography? If so, I am here for you! 


You've got questions? I have answers!

A little bit of both! Before all of my coaching sessions I send out a questionnaire to see what you’re needing out of the session. We’ll start your session going over what you covered in the questionnaire. We’ll then start to move through a strategic, structured outline that I personally created that allows us to start discovering the core of you and your brand. As we move through the outline you are able to bring up any questions or concerns. Anything left is able to be worked on within the 5 day Voxer Support period & in your follow up call! 

Yes, there are multiple payment plans depending on the service you choose! Please note in your inquiry that you’re interested in setting up a payment plan and I can send you the options available to you! 

Your success is so important to me! That’s why I added on Voxer support to all of my sessions! You’ll get direct access to me for a period of time after your session, and I do offer additional follow-up calls at a discounted rate to all of my previous clients.

As of right now I offer my coaching sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturday Mornings. 

With my Coaching Calls you get detailed notes sent straight to your inbox after your session. I will also send you any resources that we talked about during the session. 

en going about branding all wrong & that’s the problem! With my Brand Coaching sessions we work on helping you get to know yourself so you can bring that out through your brand! 

What makes my coaching style unique is that I truly believe that your brand is a direct reflection of YOU. So if you’re not in the best place, I take the time to help you get there before we even start digging into your brand. Your brand and the way you present yourself is a mirror to how you’re feeling so I want to make sure you are feeling your best. I aim to make you feel seen & heard and help you create a brand that allows you to be seen and heard by others! 

I feel that my strengths as a coach as vast! First off, I’ve been there! It took me a long time on my own journey to develop a brand that felt true to me.  After spending so much money on courses and coaches I realized that I needed to go deeper than what was being asked of me. There was a missing link and I had to go out and figure it out myself. I spent time figuring out my purpose and aligning that to my passions and my life desires. When I did that, I knew I was on to something and I could use my own journey to help others in a similar situation. So I started to help my friends where I could and that naturally turned into me offering brand coaching services to my clients. 

I am also able to utilize my background and degree in Graphic Design when working with my clients on their brands. As well as my 9 years  experience of being a small business owner. 

The female small business owner who is motivated and ready to take her brand to the next level. If you’re ready to grow your small business and have a consistent presence this is for you! 

This isn’t for the person who is IN THEIR OWN WAY. If you’re not ready to make a change, I don’t have a magic pill to give you! I am here to provide you the space & accountability to grow within, but I cannot force you to get up and do the work! 

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