Vanessa Schwinn

  • How to Create a Cohesive Visual Identity for your Personal Brand

    Creating a cohesive visual identity for your  personal brand or small business is more crucial that ever! The online space is growing more and more each day. As the online space grows it’s necessary to stand out and really make a lasting impression o your audience. A cohesive visual brand is essential for presenting a consistent and professional […]

  • 5 Ways to Start Building Brand Awareness

    5 Ways to Start Building Brand Awareness and Create a Loyal Audience blog post image

    Here are five ways you start building brand awareness within your business. Be consistent with your brand visuals While visuals are not your whole brand, they play a huge part! You have seven seconds to make a first impression, and your visuals will, more often than not, be at the forefront. So you want to make […]

  • How to Incorporate Trends In Your Brand

    Let’s talk trends. 

    I know it can be tempting to join in on trends when building your brand but please, let me teach you how to do it the right way. I promise it’s worth it! 

    First things first, I highly recommend avoiding trends when working with your logo and colors. Trends are just that. Trends. They come and go so quickly. Building your brand off of trends is not sustainable and forces you into updating your branding yearly, when things start to look and feel stale. Why create more work for yourself if you don’t have to?