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hey small business owner

Ready to dig deep & build a brand with confidence?

When it comes to branding, you’re full of nothing but IDKs. But have you found yourself daydreaming about having clarity, confidence, and consistency regarding your brand? 

It’s not out of reach; you deserve a brand that is put together and feels like “you.”

It’s time to take a journey and build your brand with intention! You don’t have to sit and spend your days on social media or YouTube enough marketing videos to earn a college degree.

So stop wasting your precious time! With the proper guidance, support, and path, you can get clear on your vision.

Focused and inspired

"the best decision I’ve made regarding my business"

Working with Vanessa is the best decision I’ve made regarding my business. I had talked with my husband and sister at exhaustion about my ideas, but they were never able to really guide me in the direction I needed. So I decided to bring in a professional. After my first session, I knew I did the right thing. I felt so much more focused and inspired. My big idea started to feel like it could actually be a business. As we continued to dig into the details, the business started to look like “me”. It was a wonderful experience! I can’t recommend her enough.

— Savannah Phillips

The Struggle is real.

Maybe you've been feeling like ...


You’re overwhelmed and ready to pull your hair out, and desperately need help to figure out where to start, or maybe you don’t have yourself figured out, much less your brand.


Perhaps you’ve misplaced yourself trying to keep up with others and what they are doing, or your enthusiasm has hit an all-time low from constantly comparing yourself to your industry counterparts. But, on the other hand, it could be that you can’t help but suppose that you’ll never be that put together.


You are feeling burnt-out by everything that comes with running a small business, and time never seems to be on your side. It’s as if you are drowning in a list of things to do at all times. Of course, you started your business because you love helping people. Still, you did not anticipate everything else that came with it (accounting, graphic design, social media, data entry, content, creation, etc.).

My friend, you are not alone.

Branding on your own is overwhelming.

When assembling a brand, there are many questions to answer. But you don’t have to figure it out alone. Instead, envision a time and place where you’re confidently talking to your ideal client.
With the proper guidance, the overwhelm and struggle can be a thing of the past.

Imagine the possibility

Turn overwhelm & indecisiveness into clarity & confidence.

What would your life look like in six months if you were thoroughly devoted to your brand?

Imagine after you dig deep into the heart of who you are, align that to every element of your business. Then, visualize the clarity, momentum, and motivation you would have. Finally, uncover the ease with who you are and how you want to present yourself.  

You’ve discovered your niche and narrowed your ideal client to a T. It’s more comfortable than ever to market to your dream clients. You’re inspired and making noteworthy changes to serve your clients excellently.

You’ve evolved, and your business has to!

You found the component that was missing. You found your path to the future you’ve been envisioning for yourself.

Your life before The Brand Academy:

Your life after The Brand Academy:


the brand academy

An 8-week group coaching program to build and launch a confident brand from the foundation up.

Peek Inside The Brand Academy

In the program, we will build your brand piece by piece while focusing on the three C’s clarity, confidence, and consistency.

Week 1


In our first week together, we will spend time getting to know one another and setting intentions for our branding journey.

Week 2


In week two, we will focus on the core of all branding. This will lay the foundation for every step of building a brand with clarity, confidence, and consistency.

Week 3


In week three, we will take all of the core work and explore ways to infuse that into all aspects of your brand. So your brand can feel like “you.”

Week 4


In week four, we will capture your niche and your ideal client. Again, we will use the work from the previous weeks to ensure that every piece is infused during this process to ensure that you’re narrowing down in the right direction.

Week 5


In week five, we will finally have built enough of your emotional brand to work on your brand’s visual elements. You will learn how to align colors, fonts, graphics, photos, and more with your brand in an organic fashion.

Week 6


In week six, we will build your branded client journey. You will look at every touch point (discovery awareness inquiry, purchase service referral, etc.) to ensure it’s on brand at every step.

Week 7


In week seven, we will take the time to get your brand ready to launch. We will be compiling all of the work we’ve done together and getting it ready to put out for the world to see.

Week 8


In our final week, it’s time to launch. We will celebrate your hard work as you release your brand into the world.

Recognition & Consistency

"I'm living my values through my brand"

I realized even though I know a lot about marketing and how to put myself out there there was still something that’s missing. Then when I saw how Vanessa did things, it was clear that she knew something that I didn’t. She asked the right questions and helped me get to a place where I’m living my values through my brand, and it’s just coming in like nature. Since working together I’ve gained over 4 thousand followers on Instagram. It’s reaching more people and they are recognizing my brand. They see the consistency and it’s creating stability and loyalty in my audience.

- Caron Ling

lifetime access to content

Weekly live Coaching Sessions


downloadable guides & resources

the brand academy


(value $195)

Enroll now and you’ll also get these 3 bonuses totally FREE! 

($127 value)

High quality, purposeful photos can really help you to build a brand, but hiring a professional may not be within your budget. I created this mini course for people who want to learn how to DIY their own branding photos, by using my exact planning process. You will learn about mindset, concept, posing and everything in between.

($39 value)

Take your brand’s photos to the next level with Vanessa’s custom set of Lightroom & Lightroom Mobile presets. These presets will set you up for success in post-processing by allowing you to get consistent looks that you can use to elevate your brand.

($29 value)

The Brand Discovery Workbook is a comprehensive guide to help you brand your business in a sustainable way that is aligned to who you are at your core. It provides a framework for you to learn what’s important and how you can start to implement it into your brand immediately.

Kind Words From Past Clients

"Vanessa helped me to open the creativity that I always had and envisioned for my small business. Somehow suppressed and went on a different path that didn't translate my vision for my business. I got out of my own destination trying to compete with is out there and I lost myself. I understood I don't need to look at what is outside and I need to keep creating and trusting in my uniqueness."


But that's not all

You will also get access to


Weekly live Q&A sessions

Join Vanessa for a weekly Q&A session to go over any questions you have about the weekly topics or the work you’ve been doing. You’ll get feedback that is specific to your situation in real time.


Weekly course content

Each week The Brand Academy Portal will be updated with a video lessons as well weekly assignments to get you closer to launching your brand. You’ll also get access to workbooks, guides, and resources to go along with the lessons. 


unlimited slack support

Our private community will be held on Slack. Within the Slack Channel you will be able to reach out to me via direct messaging to get support as needed as you work your way through the program. You will be able to get answers to questions, ask for feedback on work you’ve done, or seek advice to help you move through any challenges you’re facing.

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the brand academy

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Regular Price: 3 payments of $375

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Check out what my coaching clients have been saying


Vanessa is very professional and enthusiastic which are qualities that I really appreciate. Knowing me and my business made our work together fun and very easy, she did not need much to understand my vision and shaping my brand. I am really grateful for her, her amazing growth and her service!



My branding call provided much needed clarity that I did not realize I needed! Vanessa helped me look at myself from the inside out and helped me come up with strategies that will really make my brand a personal experience for both myself and my clients!

— Ally Allen


This 1:1 with Vanessa has been such an eye opener. We’ve dove so deep into my business and I couldn’t be more grateful. Vanessa asked the hard/tough questions and gets to the core of who you are as a business woman and why you do what you do! I can honestly say that i have new found love for my journey and what’s to come.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the brand Academy for 14 days, and if it's not a good fit, get your money back.

Yes, it’s true. If the brand academy is different from what you were hoping for, show me the work you’ve done in the 14 days and the reasons why it is not working for you, and I will happily provide you a refund.

The Brand Academy is perfect for you if:

The Brand Academy is NOT for you if:

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Meet your BRANDING coach

Hello, I'm Vanessa

I started specializing in branding because I noticed it needed to be offered more in the online education space.

Aside from branding graphic design, I had not seen any branding education or coaching online, but I saw many of my peers struggling with it. Having a degree in graphic design made branding come naturally to me, and people noticed that. Soon I found myself helping my friends, who also had small businesses, build their brands.

While helping them, I struggled with things in my own business and needed help figuring out what was missing. I kept getting asked by my mentors & coaches (yes, there have been multiple) what my “why” was, who was my ideal client, and what my niche was. I just flat-out didn’t know. There needed to be guidance on the subject, and there wasn’t any. You were just supposed to have the answers. I was building a beautiful personal brand quickly, but I needed to figure out how to link it to my business with intention.

That’s when started doing the work and found the consistency that lives in my brand today. It’s become my mission to take the lessons I’ve learned and pass them on to as many other small business owners as possible. You deserve a brand that feels like YOU, and I genuinely can’t wait to help you get there!

Ready to build a thriving brand?

Choose the payment plan

One-time payment of


Regular Price: $750

prices goes up to $597 on Nov. 30th

3 monthly payments of


Regular Price: 3 payments of $375

prices goes up to 3 payments of $225 on Nov. 30th


frequently asked questions

All of your burning questions answered

The Brand Academy is in session for 8-weeks and starts January 9, 2023.

Yes, if the platform goes away at any point, you will be given 30 days to download all content one last time.

 I have a 14-day money-back guarantee once the course begins. Just show me your work and let me know why it didn’t work out for you, and I will refund you the total amount.

I would plan to devote 2 to 4 hours weekly to the brand academy.  Each week you will need to devote time to the weekly course content, group Zoom meetings, and working on the brand-building assignments for the week.

Yes! The brand academy will give you all the tools you need to DIY your brand from A-Z. I will guide you every step of the way, and you’ll have plenty of avenues of support if you need extra help.

Social media isn’t a requirement for the Academy. However, I will help you build a brand that translates across any platform.

The brand academy is open to any business owners or aspiring business owners. You do not need any previous experience or branding, just an open mind and a healthy dose of motivation.

Get in touch

Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I’d love to connect with you and answer all of your burning questions about The Brand Academy. You can email me directly at hello@vanessaschwinnphotography.com and I’ll return the favor within 24 business hours.